Корпоративная история

химическая группа "Самьянг"

Trying to become the company that offers customers the Future-Oriented Ideas.

The history of Samyang Chemical will be continued in the future.

Industry 04Transfer of headquarters (Yangsan Factory → Asan Office)
Development 04Completion of construction of Samyang Smart Techno-Park Ⅰ

Sunghong 11Execution of construction for expansion of assembly building and factory no. 2
Sunghong 03Expansion and transfer of business site → #107 Yoosangongdan 4-gil, Yangsan City, Gyeongnam

Development 10Commencement of construction of Samyang Smart Techo-Park Ⅰ
Development 06Approval for real estate development business (Gyeonggi Provincial Government)
Development 06Approval of Knowledge Industry Center in Samyang Smart Techno-ParkⅠ (Korea Industrial Estate Corporation)
Development 05Incorporation of Samyang Development Co., Ltd.
Steel 01Introduction of MES system

Steel 09Changed the name of Samyang Metal Plus to Samyang Steel
Sunghong 05Changed the name of Yangsan Factory of Sunghong Co., Ltd., and converted status to corporation (separation of Samyang Chemical)

Corporation 05Expansion of the Yeosu Factory No. 2 (production capacity of 150 tons/day of Formalin)
SeaSpace 30th Anniversary of SeaSpace

Steel 05Acquisition of ISO 9001 / 14001 Certificates

Steel 05Establishment of Samyang Metal Plus

Sunghong 12Changed name of Sunghong FC to Sunghong S&W
Sunghong 08성Sunghong FC acquires Cheonan Factory
Sunghong 07Establishment of Shanghai Corporation of Sunghong FC in China
Hwasung 01Completion of expansion construction of bus terminal platform
Sunghong 01Sunghong FC established petrol station at Ansan Terminal
Sunghong 01Secured self-distribution base in Pyeongtaek Harbor, Gyeonggi-do with capacity of 17,000KL
SeaSpace Sunghong Co., Ltd. acquired SeaSpace

Sunghong 12Execution of supply contact for methanol with Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan, Acquisition of mass production distribution warehouse
Sunghong 10Execution of sales contract for the territories of Korea and Southeast Asia with CNPC of China
Hwasung 09Commencement of business of Lotte Mart's Ansan Outlet
Sunghong 04Establishment of Sunhong FC office in Shanghai, China

Industry 01Establishment of Samyang Chemical (Beijing) Ltd., China

Sunghong 12Establishment of Hanamdaegang Ltd., a joint-stock company in Henan, China, manufacturing of urea fertilizer
Sunghong 11Establishment of Sunghong FC and establishment of Hobuksamgang Ltd. in Hubei, China, manufacturing of TMP
Hwasung 07Acquisition of construction permit for convenience facilities in the terminal (Ansan Outlet in Lotte Mart)

Industry 09Acquisition of QS 9000 Certificate
Corporation 01Expansion of Yeosu Factory

Corporation 01Technology transfer for pentaerythritol (LI HUA in China)

Industry 01Acquisition of KS Certificate for blue windshield glass washer solution for automobiles

Industry 08Acquisition of ISO 9001 Certificate

Corporation 07Acquisition of ISO 9001 Certificate

Hwasung 12Completion of gasoline station building within the terminal

Industry 11Technology alliance with Germany's CHEMETALL (metal surface modifier)
Industry 08Execution of G7 project with Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
Hwasung 03Acquisition of license to operate passenger vehicle terminal business
Hwasung 01Occupancy inspection for the construction of Ansan Intercity Bus Terminal

Corporation 04Transfer of factory to Shiheung City, Gyeonggi-do

Hwasung 05Construction permit for Ansan Intercity Bus Terminal

Hwasung 05Acquisition of approval for execution of project for Banwol Urban Planning Facility (automobile depot)

Industry 12Technology alliance with Japan's SHOWA (antifreeze, washer solution, and brine)

Industry 06Acquisition of KS Certificate for antifreeze

Industry 06Establishment of Technology Research Center: Samyang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Industry 03Technology alliance between Samyang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and England's PYRENE (metal surface modifier)
Industry 02Establishment of mass production factory: Samyang Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Industry 02Establishment of Samyang Chemical Industry (manufacturer of general chemical products)