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химическая группа "Самьянг"

Trying to become the company that offers customers the Future-Oriented Ideas.

Samyang Chemical Group

After being established in 1975 as a petrochemical company, an important modern energy source, Samyang Chemical has since expanded into a total of 8 diverse industries including distribution, steel production, and IT, and has grown into a comprehensive chemical group.

The company was able to position itself as a comprehensive chemical group by starting out in the chemical industry, the industry from which all modern industries draws energy, and later adding distribution and steel to its repetoire. Equipped with a solid base, and new, future-oriented growth through IT and overseas investment, Samyang Chemical is preparing for another big leap forward. We are moivng one step closer to our customers with the creation of overseas branches as well as building over ten new factories and terminals in Korea.

With our eye towards future growth, Samyang Chemical aims to become a global and comprehensive chemical group to assist in supplying the best products to our customers. The growth and development of Samyang Chemical are possible because of our remarkable customers. Our executives and employees will strive to provide all of our customers with even better value and greater satisfaction. We would like to ask our customers to continue to give us feedback and we look forward to their ongoing support.

Samyang Chemical will strive to become a company that shares the dreams and futures of all our customers.
Thank you.

  • Tel. No. 02)3677-1772
  • Fax. No. 02)575-0416
  • адрес Sunghong Tower, #138 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


  • Seoul Office Sunghong Tower, #138 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  • Tel. No. 02.3677.1772
  • Fax. No. 02.575.0416