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Antifreezing liquid Antifreezing Liquid

  • TypesLLC-1, LLC-2, LLC-10
  • ApplicationsCooling devices in heavy construction equipment and passenger vehicles

Not only does this antifreeze prevent corrosion of metal and non-metal surfaces by maximizing cooling efficiency through balanced circulation, it also is outstanding at preventing cavitation and erosion. It has secured stability by using ultra-pure ethylene glycol and maintains and increases performance through the use of an organic range corrosion inhibitor.

Brine Brine

  • TypesWACOS B 21, KLBE
  • ApplicationsRefrigerant for heating medium of solar power generators.

This is a thermal medium with outstanding antifreeze. With ethylene glycol as the main ingredient, it can be used over a broad temperature range. This brine is excellent in preventing corrosion of metal and non-metal surfaces due to the use of a special additive. Moreover, it extends the lifespan of equipment due to absence of lowering heating efficiency arising from contamination of the heating surface. This product is easy to handle and maintain.

  • TypesWACOS BP 101, WACOS BP 102
  • ApplicationsRefrigerant for heating medium of solar power generation.
    Laser processing device system made of aluminum.

It is a thermal medium with outstanding antifreeze effect with propylene glycol as the main ingredient, and can be used in a broad temperature range. There is no corrosion due to its outstanding effects in prevention of corrosion of metal and non-metal due to use of special additive. Moreover, it extends the lifespan of equipment due to absence of lowering of heating efficiency arising from contamination of the heating surface. Handling and maintenance are also easy.

Ethanol washer fluid Washer Fluid

  • TypesWWF-HE
  • ApplicationsCleaning front windshields of buses, trucks, and passerger vehicles.

The washer solution makes it easy to secure safe viewing for drivers due to its outstanding cleansing power even at low concentrations, and its non-smudging action. Controlling concentration is easy for temperatures in all regions and countries since it is supplied as an undiluted solution. In addition, being stable at both high and low temperatures, it is excellent at preventing corrosion of metal and non-metal surfaces.

Surface conditioner CONDITIONER

  • Types[Liquid] Surface conditioner ZL6
    [Powder] Surface conditioner PZ, Surface conditioner GZ, Surface conditioner V6513, Surface conditioner V6513M, Surface conditioner 26M
  • ApplicationsSteel & iron, automobile body and general components.

This product provides a dense chemical conversion sheath crystalline structure beneficial in the coating process and providing outstanding corrosion resistance by removing the rough crystalline membrane that frequently remains behind on metal surfaces that have undergone acid pickling or strong alkaline degreasing.

Post-treatment agent POST-TREATMENT AGENT

  • TypesS-6352, R2950, S-8108, S-1123
  • ApplicationsFor temporary rust-proofing (construction materials) and undercoating (construction materials).
    For material processing (automobile).
    For permanent rust-proofing (construction materials, household appliances).
    For non-Cr undercoating (household appliances).

As environmentally friendly inorganic coating agent, this product is equipped with outstanding corrosion resistance. It retains the external appearance due to its transparent coating.

Lubricant Lubricant

  • Types[Liquid] Lubricant L6444
    [Powder] Lubricant 236-1, Lubricant 235
  • ApplicationsLubricant for steel and materials for forging steel

This is a lubricant with high film strength that can be used for steel components that have been processed with phosphate sheathing and subjected to cold processes. This product is appropriate for use in wire drawing and other cold processes. The lubricant reacts chemically with the zinc phosphate sheath to form an attachment film that is then physically absorbed. The lubricant is supplied in a solid state, which is then dissolved in water to form an aqueous solution, acting through sedimentation.

Cleaner Cleaner

  • Types[Powder] Degreaser 690, Degreaser 550, Degreaser 71, Degreaser 437, Degreaser 437A, Degreaser 442, Degreaser 443, Degreaser 445, PNF 4300, PNF 4301
    [Liquid] Degreaser 5171K, Degreaser 2300M, Degreaser 2870, Degreaser 4292L, Degreaser 4815L
    [Liquid] Neutral cleanser NDS 816
  • ApplicationsSoap-type degreaser for removal of lubricants, etc.

This is a heavy duty-type alkaline degreaser supplied in powder form and is appropriate for cleaning steel. It can also be used to remove soap-type lubricants and residual zinc phosphate sheaths from steel. This product may also be used in electrolytic degreasing.

Conversion coating agent CONVERSION COATING AGENT

  • Types[Liquid] Conversion coating agent 699D, Conversion coating agent 2699D, Conversion coating agent 29D, Conversion coating agent 390, Conversion coating agent Mn#2, Conversion coating agent SR933, Conversion coating agent 533, Z1250, GBX 4707, 9802K, Conversion coating agent 699KS, Conversion coating agent G28, Conversion coating agent 3510, Conversion coating agent 3490
  • ApplicationsAutomobile body and components made of steel and zinc, etc.

This zinc phosphate conversion coating agent can be applied as a spray or dip. It generates minute non-metallic zinc phosphate crystals on the surface of the objects to be coated to enhance their corrosion resistance and adhesion strength, etc., at the time of coating process. It has outstanding performance for ordinary paints, electro-deposition paints, and, in particular, cation deposition paints.