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химическая группа "Самьянг"

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Sponsoring the underprivileged through various social contribution activities


Staff and executives from headquarters and the subsidiary companies of Samyang Chemical are sponsoring poverty-stricken children throughout the world.
We have forged and maintain a 1:1 relationship with a total of more than 100 children in Africa, Central and South America, and Asia.
We strive to spread hope to children who are suffering by providing a helping hand to children throughout the world.

Mongolian school in Korea

We have forged and maintain relationships with the children of Mongolian laborers by sponsoring the Mongolian School in Korea, established in 1999.
We sponsor the children of migrant laborers by providing scholarships from our headquarters and the subsidiary companies of Samyang Chemical.
We sincerely hope that the rights and opportunities for education for many students will be ensured through this endeavour.
Samyang Chemical shall continue to assist the Mongolian School in Korea, and help it grow and continue to provide opportunities to an even greater number of students in the future.

ChildFund Korea

Samyang Chemical Group is sponsoring the education of children in Korea through Green Umbrella.
We are supporting the education of children by providing assistance to Green Umbrella's Happy Learning Place.
We are providing opportunities to students by supporting the Happy Learning Place.


We have also been sponsoring religious groups and other vulnerable groups in Korea through a free meal distribution undertaking.
We will provide a helping hand to those who are vulnerable in our society through further contributions and activities.
Samyang Chemical will strive to grow with our community by practicing sharing in as many ways as possible.